Smart Air Springs
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As Smarttech Automotive Since 2004 , We have been Exporting 5 Continents , More than 90 different countries and 800 different products Groups.

As Smarttech Automotive , which we started to operate in 2004, we have been serving in our Air Springs plant which we commissioned in 2018 in our Bursa production facility of 5.000 m², which uses Air Springs are used in Trailer, Towing, Truck, Bus, Vehicle Cabinet, Axle Lift and Various Industrial Applications to our customers. We export with 5 continents, over 90 countries, over 800 products with 15 years experience of Tekoto Automotive.

With the understanding of production with a culture of excellence; We increase our product range every day and produce our products with durable, long-lasting and global distribution network and produce with 600.000 pieces annually for our customers. We share the pride of being in the service of our brand known as SMARTTECH, which is in compliance with the quality standards of IATF 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Our Principles
Together with all our stakeholders, we build ethical relationships based on trust in the Smarttech brand.
We take care of human benefit while doing our job, we treat all our stakeholders equally. Our priority in solving disputes is to be fair.
Our company aims to be the leader in every business. For this, we all work with determination as a true leader and motivate all our stakeholders.
We know that the basic necessity to achieve our common goals is with professional and happy employees and we develop ourselves in this direction.
With our effort to achieve better, we transform an idea into a success with our knowledge and imagination.
We develop and implement strategic management processes that will ensure our social, environmental and financial success.
By working with global standards, we develop our knowledge and experience according to international best practices and compete in world markets.

To be a leader company with its competitive power in the sector by offering our customers reliable, long-lasting, durable products and global distribution network with an innovative management approach focused on the culture of excellence, while fulfilling our responsibility towards our country, our work and all our stakeholders by targeting continuous growth.
As a global brand that provides continuous improvement in environmental, social and economic activities at every point we operate in the world, Tekoto Automotive has adopted sustainable contribution to its social welfare by creating sustainable values with its stakeholders.